Total solar eclipse 2024 in the US

The photographic and astronomical occasion of the year is coming soon. This will be the total solar eclipse of 2024 in the US, but it will be observed in other countries as well.

Types of solar eclipses

The solar eclipse is a phenomenon that has delighted and fascinated people for centuries. There are three main types of solar eclipses: total, partial and annular.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely obscures the Sun’s disc. Then an amazing spectacle appears in the sky – the solar corona, or outer atmosphere of the Sun, becomes visible. This remarkable phenomenon attracts crowds of observers around the world and is a moment that remains in memory for a lifetime.

A partial eclipse is when the Moon covers only part of the Sun’s disc. In this case, complete obscuration does not occur, but observers can observe a clear distortion of the shape of the solar disk.

An annular eclipse, also known as an annular eclipse, occurs when the Moon is distant from Earth and does not completely cover the Sun’s disc. As a result, a ring of light appears in the sky around the moon, creating an unusual image.

Total solar eclipse 2024 in the US

The next eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024 in the US, starting at 1:30 in the afternoon and ending around 4:35 in the far eastern United States. However, the phenomenon itself will last only a little over 4 minutes, the time differences are due to different time zones in the US.

The total eclipse will have its beginning while still over the Pacific Ocean, then its line runs through the Mexican cities of Mazatlan and Durango.

In the U.S., the phenomenon in its entirety will be seen from Texas, through, among others. Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York (the state, not the city), all the way to Maine. The largest cities it will cover include. Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo and Canada’s Montreal.

If you will be nearby it is worth planning to appear exactly on the route of the phenomenon. I assure you that it is an absolutely unforgettable experience.

If you’re in the States, but a little farther away from this narrow strip, you’ll be left watching a partial eclipse, which is of course also worth seeing. In the graphic above you can see how the eclipse trajectory goes.

Total solar eclipse 2024 in Poland and Europe

In Europe, it will be possible to observe only a partial phenomenon, only in the far west: in Iceland or the Azores. However, it will be just before sunset.

In Poland at that time it will already be dark so the eclipse will be impossible to see.

Solar eclipse 2024 online

Most of us, due to distance, will not be able to see the eclipse in person. But as usual, NASA will conduct a live broadcast of the space event. You will be able to see them below.

When will there be another solar eclipse?

If the eclipse is too far away this time, but you would like to see the phenomenon someday nevertheless, the opportunity will be much closer in 2026. But you can find out more about that in the post When will there be another solar eclipse?

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