Current prices in Liechtenstein

Sometimes the road to a vacation takes us to an alpine principality. So it’s worth knowing what the current prices are in Liechtenstein, and is it worth stopping there to shop?

Liechtenstein’s currency

The principality is such a microscopic state that it does not have its own currency. It has been in monetary union with Switzerland since 1924 and uses the Swiss franc, so all prices in stores are quoted in that currency.

Current prices in Liechtenstein

All prices below are from the Coop chain store, on the outskirts of Vaduz, the capital of the principality.

  • apples kg – CHF 3.50 = PLN 16.26
  • kg pears – CHF 4.95 = PLN 22.99
  • bananas kg – CHF 2.60 = PLN 12.08
  • oranges kg – CHF 2,40 = PLN 11,15
  • paprika kg – CHF 5.95 = PLN 27.63
  • ham 160 g – CHF 4.95 = PLN 22.99
  • Yellow cheese 100 g – CHF 2.50 = PLN 11.61
  • 6 eggs. – 2.95 CHF = 13.70 PLN
  • butter 200 g – CHF 3.50 = PLN 16.26
  • pizza – CHF 7.20 = PLN 33.91
  • bun pariska kg – CHF 2.10 = PLN 9.76
  • chocolate – CHF 2.50 = PLN 11.61
  • cola 0.5l – CHF 1.45 = PLN 6.74
  • beer 0.5l – CHF 2.35 = PLN 10.91
  • water 0.5l – CHF 0.65 = PLN 3.02

As you can see from the list above, shopping in Liechtenstein is definitely more expensive than in neighboring Germany or Austria. It is worth keeping this in mind.

Gasoline price in Liechtenstein

Also important for drivers is the price of gasoline, currently averaging CHF 1.78 per liter of 95, equivalent to €1.885 per liter. It is one of the highest fuel prices in the world and is higher even than in neighboring Switzerland.

Roaming in Liechtenstein

The Principality is included in the basic roaming package in the offers of Polish telephone operators. However, it is worth remembering that this is a country with a very small area, and at any time the phone can log on to the Swiss network, where charges are much higher.

The problem of high fees can be circumvented by buying a roaming package for all of Europe or Switzerland from the service Airalo .

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